Big Week – Ny lovande podcast från 5by5


Som vi skrev om igår så har John Gruber med sin podcast The Talk Show lämnat 5by5 och återfinns nu på Mule Radio Syndicate. Det är dock en ny lovande podcst på gång i Dan Benjamins nätverk som heter Big Week där ett antal gäster kommer ingå i en diskussionspanel.

Announcing Big Week, news and discussion at the intersection of culture and technology.

Premiering in June of 2012, Big Week is hosted by Dan Benjamin and features the news that matters, regular segments, interviews, reporting from 5by5 Newshounds, listener feedback, and discussion with an all-star panel including your favorite 5by5 hosts and regular guests like Andy Baio, Christina Warren, Clayton Morris, Dan Frommer, Daniel Bogan, Jeff Atwood, Jeff Veen, Jim Coudal, MG Siegler, Michael Friedman, Nilay Patel, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Rich Siegel, and more.

You can visit Big Week on 5by5 and subscribe directly to the RSS Feed with iTunes or your favorite podcatcher today.

  • Anders

    5by5 + sommar = ♥. Ser också fram emot denna.