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Airfoil 4.5 kan styra Spotify


Airfoil har vi skrivit om tidigare och nu har man uppdaterat till 4.5 och erbjuder bättre stöd för tredjepart tillverkade AirPlay-kompatibla spelare, styrning av Spotify och uppspelning av av ljud från iTunes och iOS via AirPlay.

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Airfoil 4.5
Released on 7/6/11

  • Airfoil now has full support for third-party AirPlay devices.
  • Airfoil Speakers can now remotely control playback in several new sources, including Spotify, Rdio, and Radium.
  • Airfoil Speakers now has support for receiving audio from iTunes and iOS applications, via the AirPlay protocol.
  • Airfoil Speakers can now also receive audio from Radium on Mac OS X.
  • Volume sliders can now be adjusted using the mouse scroll wheel as well as the trackpad’s two-finger scrolling.
  • Airfoil Speakers menubar icon has been updated.

  • When Airfoil automatically transmits at app launch, application sources will be launched in the foreground for immediate use.
  • When Instant On is not installed, Airfoil now immediately knows it must relaunch an already-open application.
  • When album art is not available from Airfoil, Airfoil Speakers now shows a screenshot on the remote machine’s icon.
  • Airfoil Video Player’s capture of fullscreen Flash content has been improved for enhanced reliability.
  • Airfoil Video Player now opts out of ClickToFlash.
  • AppleScript support for RadioShark tuning has been improved, fixing a potential crash.
  • A severe memory leak on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) has been fixed.
  • An Airfoil crash on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) when attempting to prevent idle sleep during playback has been fixed.
  • An Airfoil Speakers crash on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) when attempting to prevent idle sleep during playback has been fixed.
  • Remote control and track title applescripts will now be loaded from the Application Support folder, in addition to the Airfoil app bundle.
  • When relaunching Safari, Airfoil no longer incorrectly causes a second blank window to open.
  • Fixed a rare issue with runaway CPU usage when the source application frequently spawned command-line-tool subprocesses
  • A rare bug which could cause Airfoil to incorrectly appear as available to Airfoil Speakers even when it was no longer open has been fixed.
  • Airfoil Speakers must now be unlocked with an Airfoil license (this will happen automatically when receiving audio from an unlocked copy of Airfoil).
  • Airfoil Video Player’s UI has been tightened up in minor ways.
  • All debuggers now use On/Off instead of multiple levels.

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